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ADV Nokta

Intercultural addiction treatment unit

Intercultural addiction treatment unit

Our residential unit is a place where men from different cultural backgrounds can get treatment for drug addiction. We speak several languages and can help with migration-related issues.

ADV NOKTA is a recognised unit for the purposes of sections 35 and 36 of the Narcotics Act. This means you can get treatment here instead of spending time in prison. Treatment at short notice is possible.

 NOKTA means full stop. Put down a full stop – and make a fresh start, drug-free.


To stay with us you do not need an official approval agreeing to cover the costs. It is sufficient if the social welfare office pays you the subsistence allowance “Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt” and the proportionate costs of your rent.


We can admit you to our unit if the following apply:

  • You want to start a drug-free life
  • You are a man aged 18 or over
  • You have a migrant background
  • You are entitled to social security benefits
  • You have completed the process of physical withdrawal and your urine test is clear

If you have a dual diagnosis, in other words, if you also have a mental illness, please get in touch with us.

The unit is located in quiet green surroundings in Berlin Charlottenburg. Fourteen residents from different cultural backgrounds live together here and are accommodated in double rooms.

The daily work in the kitchen, house and garden is organised and done by the residents themselves. This includes, for example, cooking, tidying up, cleaning and doing repairs.

It is important for us that everyone participates and treats each other with respect.

Living in the ADV-NOKTA unit

Monday to Friday
07:00 > Start of the day
07:30 > Breakfast
08:30 > Work in the house and garden, external appointments, counselling sessions
10:00 > Coffee break
10:20 > Work in the house and garden, external appointments, counselling sessions
12:00 > Lunch and lunch break
13:00–13:30 > Group sessions and/or group therapy, physical therapy, educational and training activities
16:00 > Free time and group activities, dinner, activities outside the unit
23:00 > Bedtime (Friday 01:00)

09:15 > Breakfast
10:00 > Collective leisure activities and trips, free time, and activities outside the unit
13:00 > Lunch
18:00 > Dinner
01:00 > Bedtime (Sunday 23:00)